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About Us

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The indelicate world of barnyard progressive music is a dark and unforgiving place. It is a place where agrarian tempers flare… where one wayward grunt can result in zoological annihilation. It is from this arcadian mix that Fright Pig has emerged. To add his own musical voice in a field crowded with peccary contenders. Come join his digression through the progressive ether and experience the rich loam that is livestock and swine. A sweetness that, once indulged, can only be matched by the sudden fury that the barnyard can muster…    


Ah....maybe that's too flowery. Fright Pig is a band with pigs in it.













About the Owner

Born amid a devestating explosion that consumed the SunnyDale farm, Fright Pig has finally emerged from his charred sty and is ready to Rock and Roll you!

His style has been described as "utterly without musical merit" and "hideous", words that only stoke the deep furnace within his twisted soul:

"I really would prefer being called "depraved" because of the whole fright thing" said the Fright Pig as he leaned back on his worn barker lounge and sipped from a tall glass of hard corn syrup. "I mean, most of my stuff was written on an autoharp and an old saw that I found after the fire."

Fright Pig then cautiously withdrew back into his cave and refused to comment further........