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Fright Pig Band Sticker

Tired of those red and black band stickers that feature unintelligible writing and loads of mixed messages? Weary of following that car with a maddeningly insipid stick figure family on the back window that includes four pets? Fight back with a stunning Fright Pig band sticker of your own! Our artisans spent weeks carving the prototype from a solid ingot of pure gold. And it shows! Watch tailgaters hit the brakes as Fright Pig judges them from afar. Or, add the luxurious warmth of simulated gold to your guitar case and watch your bandmates react with pride...it's all possible with the Fright Pig sticker! This 4” weather-resistant, vinyl-coated beauty features a golden image of Fright Pig with the immortal legend "In Pork We Trust" gracefully arcing upwards...much like crisping bacon! Mmmmmmm!



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