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Welcome to The Pigsty! Our store has expanded to include merchandise from our 2014 RoSfest show. But first, may I introduce you to the Fright Pig "Out of the Barnyard" Digipak Edition? Pretty, isn't it? The CD includes tons of art...a whole 12 page booklet...by that artistic wunderkind, Ed Unitsky. The music is Progressive Rock which is the most vaunted and appreciated of all musical styles. I sincerely hope that you enjoy it! Our 2014 "Bring Home The Bacon" touring RoSfest shirt is a stunner that is sure to amuse and delight! If you enjoy more understated fare, perhaps take a look at our signature "Pig Cuts" tee. Stickers, postcards, and a poster are all also being offered! For those of you who enjoy farm-based social media and listening to me drone on about my expansive mud collection, there's a fan club thingy here too. Thanks for dropping by! ~Oink!

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